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Listeria Wars is a tactical strategy where we protect the hero’s body from various infections and viruses by controlling the troops of the immune system. We can observe his personal life and even influence it with side effects.

The scene of the game takes place in the body of the protagonist. We see everything that happens to him in real-time on the little screen. We have at our disposal various types of cells of the immune system, controlling which we protect the body from the attacks of harmful bacteria and viruses, as well as train the immune system. Special actions can cause side effects that affect the plot. For example, on a date with a girl, the protagonist can vomit and they break up, which makes the hero depressed.

Key Features:

  • Story twists caused by your actions
  • 30 levels (days from the hero's life)
  •  Various bosses
  • 8 types of cells of the immune system that can be upgraded
  • Fighting that are requiring difficult tactical decisions

This prototype was made on Flash. Currently I remake it on Unity, it will be different from the old one.

What will be in the Unity version of Listeria Wars:

  • More realistic immune processes. Gems were replaced by Enzymes, every enemy is a certain pathogen, attacks will be more into line with the little tv screen
  • Catalog of immune system units and pathogens
  • New gameplay mechanics
  • Pathogen mode where needs to take over the organism and more
  • Updated sprites and visual effects
  • New plot and endings
  • New control system with the support of keyboard and gamepad
  • New upgrade system
  • The time machine that returns back
  • A lot of little updates

To watch for updates - https://twitter.com/Rubel_NMB

Add the Listeria Wars to your wishlists - https://store.steampowered.com/app/1183010

Development log


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Fun game, love the music and artstyle.

 The defense octopus seems a bit overpowered in defense right now.

Thanks! I update some enemies to avoid bullets in unity version

Good work very cool art style

Thank you!